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NETM Welcomes Rotovac!


Rotovac tools and equipment need no introduction. They have been around a long time, and word of mouth alone from professionals accounts for their prevalence in the industry. Although their tools are not for everyone, they are certainly worth checking out. They are designed to get the job done and get it done well.

New England Truckmount is proud to offer their products. Let's take a look at a few items they offer: The Shear Dry Upholstery Tool, The Bonzer, and the 360i Rotary Extractor.



Compare this tool with the competition and you will see why it's a winner. It retails for a couple hundred dollars less and really does the exact same thing. A few customers of ours told us they like it even better. It's lightweight and efficiently cleans fabrics in both directions with adjustable flow control.

Rotovac ShearDry Upholstery Tool

Main Features:

  • Costs WAY LESS than the competition!
  • Dual Direction Spray Bar Centered Between Two Vacuum Slots
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Composite Body - Strong & Lightweight
  • Vac Slots Close to the Front & Side for Better Edge & Corner Cleaning
  • Solution Holes Are Only 1/16" Apart for Streak Free Cleaning
  • Thin Side Profile for Better Reach
  • 10' Hide-a-Hose With In-Line Filter
  • Super Comfortable Design for Less Hand Fatigue


Again let's talk about price here guys, because we have to compare things out there to the competition. Rotovac has manufactured this tool that makes commercial carpet extraction a breeze while you stand up straight and save your back. Using the same adjustable height handle as the 360i, the Bonzer features a low cost, two Teflon glides, and a sealed cleaning head that prevents virtually all heat loss from your extraction solution. Incorporating five spray jets in one direction and two in the opposing direction, this tool is aggressive and can be used forward and backwards up to 800psi. The handy sight tube makes it easy to see exactly what you are extracting and is a nice demo for your customer. It's really lightweight and simple to transport. Stores easily too because the handle collapses! Want to expand what it does? Get the hard surface brush glides too and whip through tile and grout jobs, especially in smaller areas like bathrooms.

The Bonzer by Rotovac


Rotovac 360i
You are probably already familiar with this tool because it has proven the test of time. Visit Rotovac and see everything it offers. There you can see cool videos, more photos, and a complete list of all the features and add-on cleaning heads. It's a cool tool that expands its use with attachments as you expand your tool armament.

Enjoy this post? Contact us for a savings coupon on any of these items and anything else Rotovac offers. Better yet, arrange for a free demo of these tools with us and see why folks just love them.