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OS-1 by Pro's Choice: Urine remediation super product!

OS-1 by Pro's Choice
OS-1 by Pro's Choice

During the summer months especially when we have hot and humid weather, urine staining and odor becomes more apparent and is, therefore, part and parcel of our everyday work. Although the products to deal with this problem are many, often what it comes down to is what your customer is willing to pay based on your inventory and time constraints on the job. This of course is coupled with the desired outcome, which in most cases complete remediation of both the staining and odor problem is desired.

When working with your daily residential and commercial synthetic yarns, imagine if there was a super easy to use product that is really effective in one fell swoop: eliminating bacteria, staining, and odor all in one shot. No multiple steps, no huge wait times, nothing expensive to use would be the highlights of such a product.

Historically the classic effective product for total annihilation of urine-related issues was the product OSR by Pro's Choice. The yield out of a tub of this amounts to really way less than $3/gallon, and professionals have sworn by it for a very long time. The only problem with it was the potential wait times, often up to 30 minutes. Although this product has not been deprecated by OS-1 because it's great for massive contamination, you really need to learn what a new option for you awaits with this amazing new OS-1 product.

The value of OS-1 is truly multi-fold: simplicity and incredible efficacy combined with a great scent and encapsulation technology. Locate the problem areas, and apply OS-1 directly to completely dampen the affected areas both visible and not. Allow minimal dwell time and agitation to get the product to penetrate completely. Rinse lightly afterward and/or proceed with the general cleaning of the room if need be. Chances are this one step process will completely eliminate the odor and the staining right then and there. After completion, should you sense there is more that needs to be done, a light second application can be deployed and left to remain even after you leave. Nice!

Folks, it's really as simple as that. Some pros when encountering a room-size problem (where no staining or problem location is apparent) even add this amazing product directly to their preconditioners. The amazing scent of the product coupled with the peroxide boost as its engine correct urine odor and staining issues completely and really cheaply. It's a win-win for you and for your customer. The time savings alone for you justifies the RTU cost of around $21/gallon. Try it and you will see. It will be a step above what you are doing and a true benefit to your service offerings. Check it out here.


Air Fresh Spring Fragrance

Lastly, check this out! Once you smell the amazing scent that OS-1 has, you will want it as a general purpose deodorant also. No worries... Pro's Choice has created it just for you: Air Fresh SPRING!

We carry this here, and you can use it whenever you want a snappy fresh scent in your cleaning solutions, for airspace deodorization, and more.


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