Cleanco Direct Drive Truckmount Now for GM 2021+

Cleanco Truckmounts - Setting the standard for direct drive

Cleanco takes pride in the practical configuration of cleaning equipment. With every sleek Cleanco Compact direct drive truckmount, you have incredible open cargo space in your van or box truck. Using the least amount of cargo space allows room for other equipment required in the daily operation of your business. Strategically placing the equipment in the van also ensures even weight distribution, increases passenger safety, and the vehicle's longevity.

Compact 47 PTI Truckmount

The Cleanco Compact Truckmount has been designed for the professional cleaner who demands a high performance cleaning unit. Dependable performance is the guiding principal in the design and construction of the Cleanco Compact. Although the Cleanco Compacts are designed with simplicity in mind, this truckmounted carpet cleaning plant has many functions that perform simultaneously.


High Heat: up to 240°F working water temperatures for exceptional cleaning results

Powerful Performance
COMPACT 47 : 490 CFM for fast drying time, adjustable pressure for upholstery, carpet and hard surface cleaning

Fuel Efficiency: the Electronic Throttle Module (ETM) regulates the van RPM reducing fuel consumption

Compact Design: 25″ is all that’s required, leaving the rest of your cargo space available for other equipment

Safety Features: Park Break Sensor, High Temperature Shutdown, Waste Tank Full Shutdown and Security Hose Ports to keep your equipment safe while you work

Warranty: 5 Year Extend-A-Care Warranty protects your investment for years to come