Terms & Conditions

New England Truckmount would like to share with you our general terms and conditions so that our business relationship will continue to be a positive and successful one. Policies can tend to develop and change over time, so we do recommend you check this page periodically for updates.

Website Terms of Use and Errata

Our website here is provided to you for your information and reference without any guarantee of any sort. At any random time there may be errors on it, typographical or other. If you feel something has been misrepresented, or if you would like to bring to our attention an error you noticed, please feel free to contact us at any time so that we have an opportunity to review it and make amendments as necessary.

Our Website Content

Absolutely no portion of our textual, graphical, or layout content may be used on a website or in printed media or otherwise distributed without our direct written permission.

Our Tech Tips and Product Newsletter

Our newsletter is published here and there and is intended to deliver current news that may or may not be available here on our website. Technical tips, product reviews and testing results, product features and special buys will also be a major component of it. If you would like to be aware of special product promotions and events, our newsletter will be the primary and often exclusive source of information. We do encourage you to subscribe if you want notice of these and save $$.

*** If you discover you are not receiving it with a couple weeks, please check your SPAM folder in your mail service, as some mail servers DO AUTOMATICALLY put bulk-mailed requested newsletters into the bin.

Product Purchases and Account Policies

If we have a history of business with you, you may be granted an account with Net-15 or Net-30 terms as we see fit. Otherwise, all purchases must be paid for at the time of ordering with a valid credit card (MC, VISA, DISC) or paid by cash or check. We do not accept American Express cards.

Credit card use may incur a fee of up to 3% of the total charged on your order if it exceeds $1,500. For example, if your bill comes to $1,700 and you want to put $1,400 of it on a card, we will charge you a percentage on the amount you charged.

Collection Policy

If you fail to pay properly within terms, issue us a bad check, or otherwise not meet amicable terms for purchase payment in full, we will endeavor to collect the funds within every legal limit at our disposal. We handle unpaid debts here very seriously and you will be responsible for any and all incurred collection fees on our part. Any NSF check will be subject to a $49 fee.

Special Orders: Special Parts or Products

If we are required to make a special order from a vendor for you, you may be required to pay for it in full at the time of ordering, whether or not you have an open account with us. Additionally, you may incur costs for the actual incoming freight of that item. In many cases, we will split the freight cost with you. Special ordered parts or products cannot be returned. Special ordered chemicals are a minimum of a one-case order only.

Returns Policy

Products not meeting your satisfaction may be returned to us within 15 days for a credit or refund. Items must be in perfectly resalable condition in order to receive full credit. Otherwise a partial credit or refund will be issued based on the product's ability to be further merchandised. A restocking fee of 20% may be applied to any returned item. You must also alert us if an item is going to be returned: contact us and let us know. Any special ordered product or part cannot be returned unless we see the need to stock that item. Any and all electrical components cannot be returned for a refund because we cannot be there with you at the time of installation. All electrical components are shipped brand new without warranty.

Class Registration Policy

Attendees to our educational classes require registration and payment in advance to both secure the school event and cover associated costs like food and other provisions. It is the registrant's responsibility to be there. In the case where someone cannot attend, has to leave early or does not show up, please understand we cannot refund the tuition or apply it to any other purchase. This is because your seat is secured for that class which may in turn not allow another to attend and pays for things for that event in advance.

Freight and Shipping Policy

We will make every attempt to minimize your freight charges with your purchases, but please be aware that freight is simply not inexpensive for you or for us. From time to time, we may have money-saving freight promotions or even split the cost of freight with you. In general, any and all freight charges will be yours. You are welcome to arrange a pickup at our facility at any time to avoid these charges. For larger-volume purchases, we also have a free shipping program. See below. 

Free Shipping Policy

If your shipping destination is in the New England States and New York and New Jersey, we will ship your order at no cost to you if your prepaid regularly-priced chemical order totals $450 or more. Other areas are subject to $500 to $700 depending on your location. See additional details below.

How Free Shipping Works

Free Freight is provided with the following guidelines:

Technical Assistance Policy

New England Truckmount product specialists are always happy to provide accurate technical assistance to current product and service customers in good standing in the event of a cleaning problem or when professional product (or procedural) specifications are needed. Although you can be assured of quality help, we really cannot guarantee any specific outcome with your problem because 1. of the nature of cleaning work itself, and 2. we are not at the job site with you. and 3. we cannot remotely assess your skill level. We encourage you to always have a camera and submit photos to us that may help us further assist you. Therefore, all technical assistance is provided as-is at your own risk without guarantee of any kind. If your technical assistance is remote and involves an extensive amount of time, you may incur a fee from our shop or product department. Please inquire at the time of your request. 

Service Department Policy

Waiting Area

Under no circumstances are customers permitted to accompany the shop technician in the service department unless they are specifically invited for us to explain procedures or gather more information about a problem. Customers will be required to wait outside the service department at all times otherwise in order to maintain a level of safety and comply with our insurance regulations.

Fees & Labor Rate

Our shop labor rate is calculated at $119 per labor hour per technician in 30-minute or 15-minute increments depending on the nature of work. For many types of repairs, you may incur a minimum fee of one hour's labor. Depending on the size of the job and parts required, you may be required to make a 50% deposit prior to the commencement of the work. A minimum diagnostic fee of $59.00 is incurred when a problem is unknown or you choose to not have us do the work for you. All tool repairs incur a minimum repair fee of $29 which includes service up to 15 minutes. Payment for repair services is due upon completion with no exceptions and your vehicle or equipment will not be allowed to leave our premises otherwise. 

After-Hours or Saturdays

After-hours service or Saturday service is always based upon our availability with full consideration of your needs. You will incur a surcharge of $60 and a 25% increase in our labor rate if your service extends after hours more than 30 minutes or you schedule on a Saturday. 

Recovery Tanks

Your recovery tank must be completely drained and cleaned out and deodorized thoroughly prior to your arrival for any service done on the tank directly or indirectly. This includes any pump-out system, drain plumbing, vacuum intake, or filtering apparatus. Failure to have the recovery tank empty or clean is a great inconvenience to shop members, and you will be required to forfeit your appointment until you are able to bring it back in a suitable condition.

Health & Safety Issues

Like you, our shop staff needs to stay healthy without being subject to unsanitary conditions. Please make sure your vehicle is clean and free of clutter prior to your appointment. If we determine it is necessary to clean out your vehicle and/or sanitize surfaces before we can safely work on it, you will be charged accordingly up to $150/hr. Please note that you will not be allowed to clean out your vehicle on our premises. Do it ahead of arriving here, or you may be subject to surcharges if we need to do it prior to service for our health and safety. If your vehicle is crowded and full of tool and supply clutter, this rule applies the same way. In essence, you will save lots of money if your machine and all around it is clean and free of any/all clutter. 

Storage Fees

Storage fees of $29 per day may be incurred on any vehicle not picked up and paid for within three business days of completion. Storage fees will be assessed on the third day onward, and will also be charged if work operations or authorizations are left in abeyance.

Telephone Advice

Technical assistance provided on the telephone for customers is given as-is at your risk with no guarantee of any sort. Customers are encouraged to have our shop technician perform troubleshooting services in person. You must be a current customer of ours in good standing in order to receive any technical assistance on the telephone.